Choose Havana and enjoy an action-packed and colorful day where you will learn more about Cuba´s history, experience Cuban culture, and walk home with excellent pictures of these locations as well as many other places of interest.
Havana's highlights
this Photo Tour is aimed at covering the three main and photogenic parts of Cuba's capital city: old, central and new Havana. Visits to the cigar or rum factories are up to customers. Notice this is just the gist of a whole eventful day providing cultural knowledge of the country.Disc with your photos from the tour will be provided.

* The description above suits the solely purpose of giving first-timers to the Cuban metropolis an idea of what they might do during their visit, as with us you can tailor your own itinerary.

"Learn how to use your DSLR" photo walk in Havana
Come and join me for a nice walk in old and central Havana for a photo shoot of the great architecture and it´s photogenic people. I´ll teach you the ABC of photography, basically focusing on exposing and composing correctly. Email me and we´ll set it up, always tailored to your needs!!! DON´T miss the chance to enjoy this charming and fascinating city thru your own lens, create your own memories!!!!!

Chasing after great images
If you are either a professional or amateur photographer, you may want to let me show you where to go to get real good photos of the city of Havana, its buildings, cars and people. Let me share with you, an avid photographer, or a shutterbug, the best photo opportunities in the hottest place to travel to in the world!

Havana two-day tour
Optimize your visit to the capital city of Cuba by doing an in-depth photo-tour around it. Day 1 a full day in the old quarter will give you a good taste of its distinct flavor with a cluster of five centuries of architecture.  Day 2 a walk through Centro Habana will be an eye-opening experience to the private enterprise taking on Cuba´s economy today, plus an encounter with genuine habaneros (Havana citizens). The stroll around Vedado neighborhood shows a more prosperous area with beautiful 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s houses which easily sell today for astronomical figures. The pictures you get here will no doubt epitomize your unforgettable sojourn. 

Note:* Registered private houses (casa particular allowed to rent for tourists) are very cheap per room in Old Havana                   and New Havana as well, BETTER CHOICE THAN EXPENSIVE HOTELS!!!

Note* The descriptions above suit the solely purpose of giving first-timers an idea of what they might do during their visit, as with us you can tailor your own itinerary.